Thursday, 28 July 2011

Find your support...

“No one ever got anywhere by themselves. Find your support and keep them close.”

Some of my support team

This quote jumped out at me today from the inspiring writing of Scott's blog. It seemed to be a good reminder at this sad time that there are many people supporting each of us, when we need it most.
 When the going get's tough it feels instinctive to hide one's self away or become so busy with life's details. Either way, there's a reluctance to make contact with friends and family. 
When life deals us challenges the only way is to move forward and to move anywhere at all can be very challenging.

 So this is going to be my mantra for now... "Find my supports and keep them close".

How do we find our support? 
  • We let people know that we need support
  • We start to find a direction we want to go in
  • We take a first step
  • We look around and recognise who makes contact with us
  • We take another step
  • Gradually we find we are moving in a new direction.
Remember we don't need to know our final destination, it's the journey and who we meet along the way that count.

Thank you for all the kind words of support since my mother died, it has really helped. I appreciate the kindness of both friends, passers by and strangers, who are just friends I have yet to meet.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In memory

Sadly my lovely Mum died last week. 
She would follow this blog on her iPad and even made a guest appearance once.
Hug someone close to you today.
Apologies for my absence, but will be back again in August.

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