Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Never too old to learn ...

I just wanted to share an inspiring email I received this evening.
It is a true first.
It is just like the first piece of art work your child brings home from school except ....
this is the first email I have received from my 87 year old mother who lives half way round the world in the UK.
Why amazing?
Because she was given an iPad for her birthday 2 weeks ago - not something she ever wanted or ever used but she is determined to be in contact and even though 'The letters keep changing into numbers,' and she doesn't know why! She has persevered and sent me an email.

It is the 'Zing.hi!' that gets me laughing every time I read it and the 'Ypad'! 
Hope it gives you a chuckle too.

Zing.hi! So pl ease d. To see how the scarves  a re. Growing(,, I a m not ver6.very good on t)the Ipad  today lovely to hear from you though!   Nic has sent me six photos but I do not know how t o get them on my Ypad! Jenny. Is coming in the morning She can perhaps s rot me outIha d a long   E mail. From Susie she.s. E. Ems t o earn  al ot of money  ddoimg something on her com puter Jenny and Sa r a  enjoy e d  being at the Rectory on Sunday the beans are. Overflowing!, we have eaten so many Ihave had enough this year tt. The weather is still lovelyLove to hy. Ou all sorry about all the mistakes. Mormor,
Mormor (recovering from breaking her leg here)


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Tha t. Is too fun. Ny. It makes Justin wish. he had a Ypad too. Mormor is just the. Coolest grand.Mother in hele verden! Zing bye for now. xx

dolie said...

Well done to Mormor, what a fantastic achievement. I love tt, is that her equivalent of lol?
What a brilliant thing to archive, that will bring you so much joy, always.

Honore said...

what a treat! I hope you save this one forever! Please tell your mom I said "you go girl!" ;-))

Cheers~ Honore [in your BYW class)

Ingrid said...

Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. I will pass them on to Mormor - but I think she will be horrified that I shared her email!!

Robynne said...

Hi Ingrid, its Robynne from BYW. Thanks for your post, I love your blogs. Really love the label bag and absolutely adore your mother. The message from her ipad is a scream!

Anonymous said...

I think she did really well! Hope that I'm still up for learning new skills at 87.

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