Friday, 5 August 2011

Early Morning

Just wanted to share with you the beautiful morning that has dawned here in Suffolk.
Hipstamatic on Ingrid's iPhone

It is starting to feel like home now.
One container emptied this week and the next one is due on Monday.
Maybe you can spot some touches of China starting to appear 
as we empty the 500+ boxes - only 400+ to go!

I'd best put away the iPhone and computer and get stuck into the next box!


Maxabella said...


Sigh again.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

am horrified by all the news about the violence that has been happening in the UK. Hope that you & your family are all OK where you are.

RainCityGirl said...

Nice to see Buddha has such a great view! Sure beats the backyard in Beijing :)

Anonymous said...

I can practically feel the cool morning air and hear the silence...a world away from China!

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