Sunday, 18 July 2010

Anthro, Austin and art

Shopping in Anthropologie in Austin just over a week ago. Heaven. My eye was drawn to this book-so inspiring I bought it. 

Love how author Sibilla Court describes herself as being less of a hoarder and more as a collector and curator of things. In fact she goes further and likens herself to a bowerbird. Perfect.

Bowerbirds (well the male to be precise) love to create an elaborate structure, a bower, which they decorate with colourful objects they find.... from snail shells and berries to bottle caps and flowers. Attracting another mate is not my intention! but this has to be the best description for a lover of things unusual and beautiful. Doesn't Sally Elfords screen print act as a beautiful image to focus on?

Bower bird

Satin Bowerbird screen print card by Sally Elford

The book has so many great ideas, I recommend you hot foot it to Anthro or Amazon and secure your own copy of ETCETERA


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

What a great bird... just like you! You can call your talent for collecting and curating your "bower-power"! :)

aliendoc said...

We are heading to Austin for a weekend next week! did you get to see much of it?


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