Thursday, 29 July 2010

Textile time in Thailand

Want to share some inspiring textiles I saw in Chinag Mai today
by local artist Pairat Sawasdisara.
She is multi talented and her small showroom in Northern Village at Central Airport Plaza shows both her beautiful large paintings, silk screen printed silks and these beautiful patchwork embroideries.
I loved the way she has created a tablecloth by embroidering 
small fabric pictures onto the beautiful soft, natural hemp fabric. 
The result is a work of art on the table - a still life.

Her images of northern hill tribe women are just stunning.


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

I love the rough patches sewn on... just beautiful. What a lovely idea to have art on the table... great for when you run out of wall space :)

mariebarholm said...

They really are beautiful, I love the colours and fabrics.

Ingrid said...

The hemp fabric really is full of vitality - glad you like it. I like the idea of art on the table too.

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