Sunday, 8 August 2010

How to dress a table in 3 easy steps

Just a few photos to show how I turned my less than perfect table - 
marks and and all 
into something more.
 If your table is looking worse for wear as mine is...

 Start with a plain cloth , black for me. Make it 6inches shorter than your table top.
This way the natural wood shows at the ends.

 Now add a runner- easily made from a nice piece of fabric or as I have done a piece of printed hemp!

Add a tray in a colour that highlights the cloth
 and arrange some things from your collection on top.

I hope that this simple little series shows how each stage 
adds a little more than before, 
but the end result is still simple.

So don't just stop with a tablecloth go further!

PS. I designed a new label to go on my products, see my other blog where all is revealed!

PPS. This black table was originally an IKEA birch table that I had lacquered in China -
but its surface is marked now and needs a cloth to cover most of it.
So never give up on a table- just disguise it!


Janis said...

Love the way the red tray just just pops! Haven't had time to source any interesting fabrics for my runner. I am totally jealous of your Chang Mai hemp runners. Several would look perfect in the room!

Ingrid said...

Thanks Janis - while you are waiting for the 'perfect' runner , you can always take 3 yards of a nice fabric and fold it over to be about 15' wide and use that as a runner. Then when you get that perfect runner you can use the fabric for something else. I often do that when I need a change of colour but don't have a runner that matches !

gerd_nijs said...

So glad I took the time to catch up with your blog again. You have just given me the perfect solution for a problem I struggle with for years. How to'dress' my table not totally covering the wood (without marks and hoping to keep it that way) without turning into something monotonous. Sorry, got to go now. I think I might have some fabrics lying around.

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