Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hemp - a natural choice for your table

indigo and natural woven, originally uploaded by rufusandco.

I love these handwoven hemp fibre runners I found in Chiang Mai this week.
The indigo dyed fibre together with the natural colour looks old and yet modern. 
Perfect to run up an antique oak or a modern IKEA table - 
whatever takes your fancy!

hokusai style, originally uploaded by rufusandco.

plum batik, originally uploaded by rufusandco.

batik x1, originally uploaded by rufusandco.

indigo batik, originally uploaded by rufusandco.

 All one of a kind textiles, 
each piece just 8 metres long
handwoven on a narrow loom
in Northern Thailand
using hemp fibres
which make a strong fabric
perfect for running up your table!


Anonymous said...

So original. Hope you will bring some over to the UK...jenni

Ingrid said...

Thanks - I will be bringing lots!!

Anonymous said...

Remember my friend Sarah from Korea who was in Unravelling with us? A lot of her work uses Korean hemp cloth. She makes some really fantastic placemats and coasters. Thought you might be interested. I have some rolls of Korean hemp in my stash awaiting inspiration.

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