Monday, 7 February 2011

Skating on chairs ...

One of the less widely known attractions of Beijing in winter time is the long forgotten Olympic sport of skating on chairs.
Here are a few scenes from yesterday's action on the ice at Hou Hai, a frozen lake not far from the Forbidden City.
 All ages can indulge in this gentle sport, needing nothing more than a couple of seats fixed on long skates -- with a couple of over sized kebab sticks to provide forward motion.
 This is a battery operated version for the younger skaters - the 'cat' walks round to the tune of 'Jingle Bells' sung in Chinese.
Everywhere you look there are different modes of ice transport :- bikes with skates, rickshaws with skates, chairs with skates and even regular people with skates.
Here we are, stopping to catch our breath!! (In the background you see the ancient Drum Tower and Bell Tower)
It was so much fun, we may just go back again today!


Christine E-E said...

this looks like fun! did you have to push the chair? if so, I would imagine the "pusher" would need some good boots to pick up traction? what are the temperatures like right now?
thanks for sharing.

Ingrid said...

No we don't push - the 'kebab sticks' propel us forward. Today has been lovely sunny and just over freezing, but nights are well below freezing so the ice is solid!

aracne said...

I can not believe that my friend who lived for 6 years in Beijing never mentioned this sport to me. It is fun just to look at it!

erika said...

wow, this looks like so much fun!!

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