Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ingrid inspires Ingrid

Ingrid is not a name I come across very often,
 so when I spotted a blog called Ingrid's blogg I had to take a look.
I love the blog that I found 
and ...
there was a photo of a fabric basket for bread...
 that I had been wanting to make for ages.
Photo source here

So thanks Ingrid for inspiring another Ingrid to get sewing again.

If you would like to try to make one too, then I used the fab pattern on Pink Penguin.
Ayumi is such a generous blogger and shares her ideas for your personal use.

I made a simple version of Ayu's with no piecing or stiffening. 
This red, white and black IKEA fabric is just the perfect weight to hold itself nicely on the table.
It is reversible too, so twice as much fun
Below is my first attempt in linens and though I love the petit brioche fabric, 
it does not have the same body, 
so it does not do quite the same job 
as the IKEA one does.
 I love to encourage everyone to make it their own - 
so here is my little logo... a black pompom on a red tab. 
When you make your basket be sure to add your own mark. 
It could be a printed label you have produced especially for you, 
or you could improvise like I did and come up with something more original. 
Whatever you decide, don't forget to add something!

If you need more detailed instructions for this little creation let me know in the comments. 
I'd be happy to do that for you.

Think I need to go bake some bread to fill them... well maybe stop at the baker tonight, 
save baking for next time.


Astrid said...

Oh, gorgeous! What beautiful fabric choices. I've got just the IKEA fabric to make my own from... :)

ayumills said...

Such nice reversible baskets! Love the ikea fabric!

dolie said...

It's super. Well done and yes it works brilliantly in that fabric. I follow Pink Penguin too after a link from your blog and have a whole host of things to get around to too! Keep sewing

Ingrid said...

I am glad to inspire you! :O) Very nice baskets you have made!! :)

Ingrid in Bj! said...

Thanks Astrid, Ayumi, Debbie and Ingrid for your encouragement. So nice to hear from you. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pompom trademark. Its quirky and unique. Did you find your materials in Beijing (Aside from the IKEA fabric, that is)? These baskets would be great for the chronic mess in my daughter's room.

maria said...

I smiled when reading the beginning of this post. For me, Ingrid is a very common name, as it's the name of my mom :) and it's becoming increasingly popular on little girls in Sweden.

Ingrid said...

Hi Kiley
Yes I find most of my materials at my favourite market in Beijing - Mu Xi Yuan - the vast fabric market.
Hope you make some for your daughter. I x

ksharonk said...

Oh, how pretty are these ... two totally different looks!

claudia@stonehouselove said...

Your logo is darling! and I love these little sacks!

claudia@stonehouselove said...

Your logo is darling! and I love these little sacks!

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