Sunday, 1 May 2011

I should be packing, but ...

I'm sewing.
I find it hard to pack up my creative room, the sewing machine will be one of the last things to box.
Folding up the multiple yards and metres of fabric just makes me think of things that I need to sew... now, before I leave Beijing.

Here is the T-shirt quilt I have just finished a quilt for Alice.

Not only is she graduating from high school this June but she also leaves China after 9 years here in Beijing. Sewing some of her history together in a quilt, seems like a perfect way to keep the memories warm around her.

The squares are all cut from old T-shirts I have saved from her 9 years here in China. They range from her role as the Munchkin mayor in 'The Wizard of Oz', to being a committed member of the school girl's rugby team.

T-shirt quilts are quick to sew.
It's not too late to make one, if there is someone reaching a milestone in your family.
Here's how I did it:

  1. Collect old t-shirts (or buy new if you need extra!)
  2. Wash and iron them, before cutting a square approx 13 inches (33 cm).
  3. Iron some fusible interfacing onto the back of your square. This will help the T-shirt to remain stable and not stretch too much when you're sewing it.
  4. Lay out the T-shirts and form a grid. My quilt has 4 T-shirt squares across and 5 down, but you can make it smaller.
  5. Choose a cotton fabric that compliments you T-shirts. You will need about 2 metres.
  6. Cut this cotton into strips 3inches (7.5cm) wide. This will form the borders to your squares.
  7. Gradually sew together to form a quilt top. I used fleece for the backing to make it cosy and quick!
  8. Quilt round the squares or simply tie the layers together in places.
  9. Add a binding round the edge, I used a chinese red to contrast with the turquoise chopsticks fabric.
  10. Check out this link and this one for more ideas on how to make your quilt.
Oh well, enough blogging and back to the boxes!


Anonymous said...

Love it! The one I'm making for Zac is almost done too, despite all the distractions! Will send u a pic once it's done.


aracne said...

This is a lovely idea, I wish that I had thought of it before and that I had a stack of tee shirts to make a quilt for Isabella.
When I moved last October, the sewing machine was the last thing that I packed. I might not sew for a while but the thought of being obliged not to sew drives me crazy!

Astrid said...

What a great collection of shirts! All with stories behind them... I love it!

RainCityGirl said...

This turned out beautifully! Such wonderful memories all preserved. I remember the munchkin mayor! Wow, seems so long ago.

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