Sunday, 21 November 2010

Too many coming for dinner?

Do you ever struggle to have enough chairs for all the guests at your table ?

Here is an ingenious solution I found via emmas designblogg.
Make a stack of nice large books, they don't have to be on dining, but it could be fun.
Top the pile off with a nice soft cushion.
It's even adjustable for the size of your guest!

The above idea is one of many to be found on IKEA of Sweden's Christmas inspiration blog.
I was feeling adventurous and signed up, even though reading swedish is a bit challenging to me. We can all look at pictures, can't we?

Let me leave you with just one more idea I love, from IKEA's blog ...

Take some new tea towels such as Tekla or Admete
Embroider the initials of the guests who are coming to dinner.
What a nice touch and then the napkin will be a generous size too.

And you know what - they could even use it to help with the washing up after dinner is over. Well, provided they aren't  messy eaters!

Wouldn't it be great to have to have The Fable delivered to your mailbox?

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ID said...

Just love it! The eclectic mix of chairs looks fab and the book idea is ispired. Good old IKEA - what would we do without them!!!!

Ingrid said...

Thanks for dropping by. So glad you like IKEA too.
How's your swedish?
I x

Cary said...

Love the one red chair...nice pop of colour.

Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

I love this book-pile chair idea!! It suits me more than well with all my books... Thank you!

Ingrid said...

Cary: I like the red too - haven't spotted it in IKEA yet but I see it in lots of blogs.

Mayda: would love to use this idea too at Christmas this year. Do show me if you make this 'book-stool'.

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