Wednesday, 26 October 2011

D.I.Y. Garnish

Sipping a well deserved cappucchino at Carluccio's the other day, after a long walk on Hampstead Heath, I clocked the simple table decor of terracotta pots of coriander and rosemary.
Image: Ingrid's iPhone
It is a simply brilliant idea for the table at home ... D.I.Y. Garnish.
Family and guests simply nip or snip off as much of the herbs as they desire and add straight to their own dish. Could anything be easier or tastier?
Just pick up a couple of herbs in the supermarket and add them to pots, terracotta or otherwise and you are all set.
After the meal you may want to move the herbs to a windowsill for a dose of sunshine, if sun's rays do not stretch as far as your table. Of course all living plants need water too - obvious but strange how many times I seem to forget this basic fact!

Herbs for the table: coriander (cilantro to some), chives, rosemary, french parsley or oregano for starters.

Mosaic made with images from Martha
For a bit of fun add a little felt bird  or mouse!
But best to keep these herb pots inside if you don't want an unwelcome snail at your table.


Astrid said...

Great idea! I've kept my new mint plant alive for over a week now -- perhaps he could be a DIY Mojito garnish?!

aracne said...

It is a lovely idea, yet so simple! I will have some posh French guest next week, I might surprise them with a little herb garden on the table, thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

I love the photos!

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