Friday, 9 December 2011

Sprinkle some sparkle

I'm back again ... in the city that exudes the ultimate in Christmas style, Copenhagen. Happy days.
Here is a starter for ten!

Image: Ingrid's iphone

Take a pair of pears, must be of the Conference variety as all others turn brown, spray them lightly with glue and dust with glitter. Add some candle light and the table comes alive.
I spotted these beauties at Jette Froehlich's Christmas Exhibition yesterday.

But don't stop with pears. How about pomegranates or walnuts too? Hyacinths also love to glisten if you add a pinch or two onto the bulb.

Image: Ingrid's iphone

Come back soon for more danish inspiration and hygge (cozyness).


jlconn said...

First the fizz and now the sparkle! I like the way your holidays are shaping up! Best wishes for the season.
Fondly, Janis

Astrid said...

All that glitters is not gold... hope you're enjoying Copenhagen, and hygging it up!

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