Friday, 7 February 2014

Talking Stitches

I'm feeling a bit frayed today - but in a good way. 

I was at the Time and Tide Museum with Linda and we found ourselves soaking up the emotional stories in the exhibition "Frayed: Textiles on the Edge".

The textiles in the exhibition were devoted to the use of fabric and stitch as therapy … still minds and busy hands.

The stories behind the pieces on show were extraordinary. Lorina Bulwer, for example, was an unwilling inmate in a lunatic ward of Great Yarmouth workhouse. (I can't imagine there is ever a willing one). She embroidered two 'letters', each more that three metres long, in which she poured her anger and frustration at being held there against her will. She stitched in capital letters, underlining phrase with solid stitched lines to emphasise her rage.
Here is just a small section of this unique textile:

Artist: Lorina Bulwer

The emotion that bonds the words to the fabric in each piece ensures that the text and images become part of the textile.
I have come home wanting to bring words to the next piece I sew… solace in stitch.
Seeing these diversely inspiring textiles has opened my eyes. I see the stitched words go through every layer of the quilt to create a structure where emotion is integral to the quilt.

Sara Impey conveys this beautifully in her blue piece 'Stitch Talk' - every letter of every word is free-motion quilted with her machine.  It becomes a magical piece of prose.

Stitch Talk by Sara Impey

2014 is the year I plan to explore creativity in textiles.
I have been on a slow boat getting back from China, but I hope by living on the edge with my fabrics, I can make meaningful work.
(And I don't plan to take another year to write my next blogpost)

Creating textile pieces fosters hope and a sense of achievement.


Lemonplease said...

So nice to be hearing fables at your table again. Looking forward to all the creative stitches made with a still mind.

Ingrid said...

Thank you Gerd for your encouraging words and hope we can soon be sitting at the same table stitching words on fabric together.

jlconn said...

What a pleasanr surpise in my in box this morning. Good to see you blogging again. I too found 'going home' to be a labourious trip. In fact it took another move to complete the journey. Really enjoying being in Washington State. I am really home now. Looking forward to reading more posts.

Patty said...

So happy you are finding your voice again -- your creativity always spoke volumes and will nurture you in your journey "home" . . . big hugs from a huge admirer!

Ingrid said...

Thank you so much Janis and Patty.. I am very happy to be able to connect with you both this way and really appreciate your encouragement

Kari Desi said...

What amazing and moving textile art! Thank you for sharing this and congratulations and getting back in the blogging boat!

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