Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I've come a long way in a week

Last week this was my world ... 

millions of people living within a thirty mile radius of me, with all the energy and distraction that provides.

 This week ...
I hung out my washing on a clothes line - the first time for 9 years (the air in Beijing was too dusty/dirty).

Back story for those who don't know me: 
We have lived in Beijing for the last nine years - loving almost every moment of it. I don't miss the crazy drivers or polluted air. Now we are back in the Uk after 13 years away (Copenhagen prior to Beijing).  Our home is in Suffolk, where there are more pigs than people, so we can be sure of bringing home good bacon and enjoying the clean air.


Astrid said...

What a lovely contrast -- and so happy your whites won't turn smoggy in your new home!

aracne said...

The image of the laundry is worth 1 million words, it talks to me of simple, familiar, domestic pleasures.

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