Friday, 24 June 2011

Let's start getting organised

The thought of several containers arriving in the next month (yes I did say several) is making me feel a little edgy.
Will we find a place for all our things?
Is the garage big enough - in case it won't all fit?
How much can stand outside?
As you can imagine ORGANISE is the key word on my brain.

I started here ...

Went on to this great blog Storage and Glee
who had lovely ideas like this

and ended up writing this blog
to encourage you, dear reader, to do what I have failed so far to do ...

sort out the piles and put the laptop away.

P.S. Any tips for fitting a mountain into a mole hill gratefully received.


jlconn said...

I practiced extreme shopping-self-control while in Beijing, knowing that I would not have endless storage options upon return to the US. Fortunately we were only there for 3 years! At the end of the day my best advice is to approach your boxes, heaps and piles as unsentimentally as possible. We have been “down-sizing” for 3 years. Truthfully, less really is more.
On a practical note:
Our garage was floor to ceiling for months! Invest in storage systems. For items that need to be stored and not used frequently (or belong to our children) we had wonderful ceiling-hung storage shelving installed. I cannot thank previous owners enough for having installed closet organizing systems: shelves & drawers holding (hiding) disparate bits & bobs. We have installed some new cabinetry as well. It took 2 years but my husband finally reached his goal of parking our cars in the garage.
Be patient.

Astrid said...

Perhaps the rabbits can store a thing or two in their burrows? And something else can go in the barn owl box. And after that, you can stack and stack and stack the boxes, and have a giant outdoor game of Jenga. Problems solved -- You're welcome :)

aracne said...

Oh, Ingrid, when I moved from a big, big country house to a city flat I had to get rid of stuff that I never thought I would get rid of.
Thinking that I will have to leave my stuff behind sometime in the future helped me to look at the job 'unsentimentally'. It is amazing how little I need now, apart, of course, my stash of fabrics and yarns!

Nandita said...

Good luck with your move back "home". My advice would be to not let the unpacking overwhelm you and use the summer to enjoy your new surroundings, friends, and activities. The winter is a good time to get to the boxes! Thinking of you! Nandita

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