Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tide lines ... Tuesday Exchange

"A tide line refers to where two currents converge. Driftwood, floating seaweed, foam and other debris may accumulate, forming sinuous lines called tidelines." Wikipedia

 Last week Marji and I started to explore the Sea and ways to interpret it in our respective art forms. Tide lines seems to describe us too - in that we are two artists converging on a Tuesday!

I started here with some stitching and finished the mat without needing to cut off the wording (sorry Chantal to shock you with my impetuous suggestion last time).
The material I used was some inexpensive raw blue Thai silk I had bought several years ago. The silk has a rough yet rich feel to it and just seemed to work well for my current watery workflow. (It is a bit of a pain to sew though, as it likes to unravel with abundance)
Lying amongst the silk yardage were a multitude of small strips that I had begun to piece a couple of years ago. They were abandoned when new ideas sidelined them to be buried under piles of fabrics.
Stitching these stripes together at the weekend seemed to fit perfectly with my words for this week - Tide lines.
I see the striplets coming together as a long stripy runner for our table - see below for how they are coming along... seems like low tide at the moment!
Lines of stitching are now needed to quilt and add character... sinuous describes perfectly what I want to achieve.

Any suggestions for what the tide could wash up onto this runner by way of stitching?
I'm open to all seaworthy suggestions.


Astrid said...

Wow, the waves look amazing. I love the movement you've got by the placement of them. Beautiful! And the stripes, too -- the pale purple and white combo makes me think of old-fashioned swimming costumes! Maybe it's an idea for another watery project, but I'd love to see some circular quilting, a la bubbles rising.

Ingrid said...

Thx Astrid. Bubbles is a great idea but me thinks a lot of work on a runner of 2.5 metres . I think that is the starting point for my next piece of sewing. I know what you mean about vintage costume colours.
I x


Beautiful textiles Ingrid

I just wondered ... are you still playing Tag Tuesday. Could you drop me a line and let me know. Thanks so much - charleyarry23{at}aol.com

Very best wishes

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