Monday, 12 March 2012

Table setting for Spring

Spring has sprung onto my table top...

The sun streaming through the windows was the incentive to finally make a change to the look of our dining table
(and friends and family were coming for lunch).

Starting with a few daffodils from the garden,
      I added a silvery theme with IKEA candlesticks,
                a crown from Copenhagen,
                         a clock from China
                                  and a feather from the meadow.

Hold everything together on a tray (mine is a big old green one from a large pile we have brought  back from China)
add some calming colour with folded tablecloths - white and green linen in my case.

Keep to these basics and just refresh flowers over the next few weeks, to have a springtime table.

Easter is just a month away - it would be easy to add eggs, bunnies or chicks to this simple collection.

Join me at Mosaic Monday for more photo inspiration.


RainCityGirl said...

Beautiful! The silver and mercury glass add such an elegant look to those lovely bright yellow daffs. I love the spring inspiration

seabluelee said...

Your table is lovely. I love the last image - the daffodils sing of spring, and the golden reflections of candlelight in the silver is beautiful.

Alice said...

So beautiful! Can't wait to get home and eat off this amazing table!

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