Thursday, 6 January 2011

365 - Month by Month

Have you thought about documenting 2011 in photos?

Making a mosaic of my 365 photos has been a monthly task for me since February last year.

Here is my latest mosaic for December 2010:
365::Year of the Tiger

Taking a photo everyday for a year seemed an impossible dream last year. But with eleven months under my belt, I am confident in succeeding. Not only that, but I have a group of dedicated friends who are along for the ride with me.
Why not set up a Flickr group yourself with a few of your friends and give it a try?

Easy steps to get going:
1. Buy, beg or borrow a camera -- any digital point-and-shoot will do.
2. Open a Flickr account
3. Start today and take a photo -- it could be of anything that relates to your day. 
(That is the key to this: you are doing this for you, not to impress others)
4. Upload your photo to your newly created Flickr account.
Add a title and a date.
5. If you have friends who want to join you, set up a group and name it.
6. As you upload each photo to Flickr, you can choose to also add it to your group. This is how you share photos within you group.
6. Even though you may feel you are not very tech-savvy, trust me you can do it.
Just keep trying, read the Flickr help, email me... there are so many avenues to get help. Just don't give up.
7. At the end of each month, try making a mosaic with your month's worth of photos. It looks great. I often use Mosaic Maker, which is free to download and relatively easy to use. You can also try Picnik or Picasa, which are also free.
8. Search for other Flickr 365 groups and get ideas if you feel you are lacking inspiration.
Here is a great source for weekly inspiration that I am going to suggest for our 2011 group.
Yes, I am totally addicted and am documenting my next year in photos too!

Finally, here are the thumbnails for my eleven months of mosaics so far.
Look forward to hearing about what you plan to do.

Images: Ingrid Duffy


aracne said...

This seems to me an extraordinary idea. I will give it a try (although my First Son is a computer geek, I am NOT) and see if I can manage just following the steps that you suggest.
I might come back for help!

Rebekka Seale said...

I think that's an awesome idea!!!

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