Monday, 31 January 2011

Breeding like rabbits

It's been fun playing with rabbits this weekend!

Yes there are quite a few in our house now... nine to be exact.
Every year I go to the same market stall in Beijing to buy a lucky animal or two for the up coming year.
The ingenuity of these handmade designs is amazing. This year one of the rabbits is happily holding his very own chinese cabbage.

In Beijing 15 years ago, the main vegetable available in the winter was the cabbage. So this clever rabbit is ready with his very own to last through the winter.
Even though you don't see the rows of stacked cabbages outside every door way, the large chinese cabbage has a special place in the heart of most Beijingers!

With nine rabbits in the house - we are all set to welcome in the New Year on February 3rd.
Are you doing anything to celebrate the Rabbit year?

I have a few traditions up my sleeve to share with you, come back soon to see more - or why not sign up and get the lastest posts emailed to you directly, as they are posted. 

This week I am linking to Little Red House with Mosaic Monday, check out the creative mosaics when you have time.


Pondside said...

My daughter keeps reminding me that she was born in a Rabbit year, so I guess we'll have to make a celebration!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Not only did I get to see a great Mosaic, but you taught me something new. Thanks for sharing!

globalgal said...

They're so cute! Now, I wonder if you are willing to share where you bought these? I'm in Beijing and I'm hoping to find some for myself!

Ingrid said...

I bought these at Tian Yi wholesale market - hope you find some still there.

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