Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

"Hello, Rabbit is that you?"
Image: Ingrid in Beijing
Rabbits seem to be on my mind ... I've been preparing for the New Year with a couple of rabbits on my table. 
The Year of the Rabbit begins February 3rd 2011 and Beijing is getting ready for its usual OTT celebration.

Thought you might like to see a few rabbits to get you in the mood...

via Pinterest
 2011 is a Golden Rabbit Year.
This is a year to catch your breath and calm your nerves, according to one horoscope I read. To gain the best from the year you should focus on the home, family, relationships and serenity (the latter not always a word linked with the first three!). Your goal should be to make a peaceful lifestyle so you can deal calmly with any problem that crops up.
Pretty sound advice for a rabbit.

Just want to leave you today with one thought ....
Image:marc johns

You heard it here first!


Jenni said...

Your rabbit images are great, especially the pipe-smoking ruler of the world. On the other hand, real rabbits are much less popular with gardeners here in rural UK!

Toughie said...

I believe that.... but... where did he get the pipe....?

Astrid said...

Living like a peaceful rabbit sounds very appealing after the fiery year of the tiger!

Ingrid said...

Glad you are liking the rabbits. I have a few more for you today.
Thanks for dropping by.

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