Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3 ideas about blogging and life in general

"You don’t have to be the best. Walk with easy steps, with some friends to accompany you on your journey, without being overwhelmed by anything. Let it be light. That is success." Katie Tallo

This is just part of a great blogpost I read today on Write to Done, and not only does it help me with blogging but with life in general. Anyone who blogs will agree that it can be exhausting, even though you start doing it for fun!

"Only you know where it is you want your blog to go and what you want it to become. Be open to adventure and other people’s ideas, but choose your own way to get there. If it’s a path that feels right, take it. If it’s a mistake, try another, tweak it, or change course." Katie Tallo

For blog read life ... it reminds me why I started blogging ... for the adventure of not knowing where mine or other bloggers ideas would take me. All the time knowing that it is my path and I choose where to go. My life and my blog have many mistakes that need tweaking, it's only by trying that I find out.

"Sit back once in a while and read through your archives and comments..... learn from what you’ve done, look ahead at what you could do next, but take moments to just look, learn and love your ... life. That is gratitude."  Katie Tallo

I am taking time today to look back at photos and think on parts of my journey so far... 
not the blog but life in general and be grateful for so much... 
family, places visited, friends and not forgetting Rufus (the one with the goggles)!
Places and people part 1

1 comment:

{ to be charmed } said...

These quotes are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing a little piece of your life with us

Happy Blogging
Elizabeth (BUW) :)

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