Thursday, 30 September 2010

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A little show and tell from my afternoon at Mu Xi Yuan, the enormous and amazing Beijing fabric market.

I bought blue cotton yarn on impulse, thought it would be good for something. Sitting in the traffic on the way home (90 minutes - not bad for Beijing) I started to knit it with my fingers. 
Yes it is possible to cast on 5 stitches on my digits!
No, I was not driving at the same time!
 I realised I had bought the perfect yarn to knit a basket like this.
It is going much better now I am off my fingers and onto 10mm needles. 
Maybe we'll be having croissant from it on Sunday!

I was on a hunt for white linen, red linen and cotton tapes.
 I didn't know there were babushka's waiting for me...
or adorable wooden buttons 
or 30 yards of sock monkey pyjama fabric! 
(He's called Sam Simian!)
This gorgeous print makes me think of Anthropologie, 
I want to try to make some place mats like these. 
Success. 3 types of beautiful white linen, red and grey too. 
Great fabrics for bread baskets like these.
It's going to be cosy at Christmas in our sock monkey pj's.
Off to get started on the first of the tablecloths. 
Check back soon and I may have finished one.

Wondering how much fabric I came home with?
Over 80 meters!
That may be my record!

Today I am playing along with Kirsty and her Creative Space
Do drop by and add your link to her space if you have time.


Pinecone Camp said...

wow! You really did go shopping! I buy heaps of fabric, but I don't really sew...yet. Love your wooden buttons -so cute!

Ingrid said...

Yes - I now need to get sewing! It's amazing how quickly it mounts up. But i will have some beautiful tablecloths at the end of today I hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ingrid, I am so excited to see this post! I am angling hard to come up to see the market with you soon!

Sarah said...

Wow such a great haul. I love those fabrics and I'm mightily impressed with the finger traffic jam knitting!

Astrid said...

Wow, great fabrics! Tilly's got her eye on that Russian doll one... you've officially made that the "theme" of her room! and those Father Christmas buttons are very sweet!

Carole said...

Great photo's Ingrid. You did well with the shopping too!

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