Wednesday, 6 October 2010

10 Creative Ideas for Advent

I love the word Advent - it holds so much expectation in its meaning.

This week I have lots of ideas to build the expectation starting from December 1st.
I think Advent calendars can be one of the most creative and exciting ways to get ready for Christmas, and you don't need a child in the house either!
I have a few ideas to share with you today, some to buy and some to create but all guaranteed to increase your happy expectations for the month of December.

Let's start with ones that are a countdown, pure and simple:
1. Zinc numbered tags from Jeanne d'Arc Living
Use these to add onto a string line. Behind them you see little paper packets which can be filled with a special note or instructions as to where to find a little present. I love the colour of zinc against old newsprint.

2. Use red striped ribbon and simple card tags. Make each number themed with something linking to Christmas. Each day, add a new number so that by Christmas Eve all 24 are suspended. No need for a present each time. I love the little charms hanging from each tag and the way Christmas has been spelt out on the tags. I wonder what 1 -16 say!

3. If you are in the mood for embroidery, and get started soon, then this could inspire you to sew on natural linen. Lululollylegs has a great tutorial on how to make this.

4. Ready to fill with a little gift, these Christmas cones are numbered for the days of Advent. Fill with small treats like sweeties or tiny toy. Lotta has many great ideas on Flickr 

5. A book for every day in Advent.
A Christmas Story Book Calendar is the brilliant suggestion of Mo on Babyccino Kids blog. The idea is to have a Christmas story for every night of Advent. You need to get started now, if you are going to collect 24 books together but what a fabulous way to remember Christmas 2010.

6. Pockets ready to be filled in this colourful calendar.
Check out here for a tutorial on making one for your home.

7. More pockets from Maileg, if you would rather just buy it. I just love her images for Christmas.

8. Yet more pockets in the shape of a tree, again from Maileg. But this could be the source of inspiration to make one yourself.

9. Nisse girl with pockets is the one we bought for our home last year and Alice, 16 at the time, was certainly not too old to enjoy a little pressie each day of Advent. By the way this Nisse girl is about a metre high!

10. Twenty four days too many? Then think of the 4 weeks of Advent and light a candle for each week. This little piggy will be just perfect

  • It helps to start collecting little presents well in advance, ie now, and think of variety so as to avoid 24 sweetie packages. 
  • Some of the treats could be written on a card  such as a trip to the theatre, ice cream parlour etc. 
  • Don't feel the pockets have to be filled with material things. Thoughts and promises are good too.
  • The first year I made an Advent Calendar, we still had all 3 children at home and buying 72 presents was a mammoth and expensive task. So if you are trying this for the first time and have several children to buy for, try to be creative in the type of 'gifts' or let the children take it in turns to open it for that day.
  • I would love to hear of any ideas you have tried and what gifts you may fill the pockets with.
  • If the gift is too big for the pocket, try wrapping it and then using a clothes peg to clip it to the outside of the pocket!
  • No child? Then do one for your partner and have fun ... or better still show them this blog and get them inspired to make one for you! 
Don't forget  to read last weeks post on Christmas and the decorative giveaway I have - closing date is just 1 day away - on Friday 8th Oct (China Me time)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Lots of great ideas here...the pocket tree and nisse girl are definately top of my "tree." A v good reminder to plan early for a creative Xmas Jenni

Maria said...

My mom used to buy a puzzle and wrap 1-3 pieces for each day. On Christmas we had all the pieces. She used to hide the box so that we had to guess what the picture would look like.

Ingrid said...

I love your idea for the advent puzzle. What a great way to build up expectation and have fun at the same time.
I x

Astrid said...

Some great calendars! We've got our advent cubby on the wall... perfect to fill with 25 little packages. But I love the idea of an advent bunting, too.

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