Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good design / Great design

Simple image of a favourite piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, in my window.

The Blue fluted design was transformed in 2000 
by a Danish designstudent, Karen Kjaergaard-Larsen 
into Blue Fluted Mega...

Image from Royal Copenhagen

The Mega design was a stroke of genius. 
Karen has made a 225 year old design of great beauty into a contemporary design .
It is now one Royal Copenhagen's best selling designs 
and proves how great designs live on with meaning through different generations.

I only own a couple of pieces (I'm working on it!)
 but even just using one plate 
can transform a batch of home baked poppyseed muffins 
into a special treat.


Astrid said...

What a fantastic photo of the cup in the shelf! Love it!

sally calligan said...

This is a very nice blog. I like the blue cup also. I like the simplicity of the blog. You take a little and make it seem like a lot.

dolie said...

Both plate and muffins look lovely.

goronta said...

Thank you for comment in my blog.

I cannot translate bread bear recipe.


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