Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I love Words and Wood (recycled)

I love good thoughts and I love recycled painted wood 
and now they have come together in gorgeous 'wood & word signs' 
by another Ingrid (in the Netherlands this time).

Order your own personalised message and then use it as a 'postcard'
 Ingrid will send it anywhere in the world for you.
What a brilliant idea.
Image: Ingrid Jansen

You could go further and order lots of wooden 'bricks' and make a real statement!
Image: Ingrid Jansen
Saw wood & word signs first on All the Luck in the World, Jane's great blog.
 (Remember Jane from here?)


Astrid said...

Oh, I love these! Perhaps we can find some old Texan fence posts to paint.

Jadyn said...

These are beautiful, I'll have to check out this lady's work. Nice that she's Dutch too (like me). :)

Ingrid said...

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like them too.
I x

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