Friday, 8 October 2010

Christmas giveaway Winner is...

Firstly I want to thank the ten of you who wrote such great comments 

Secondly I want to say that Rufus slept through the whole prize draw, so you just have to trust me

Thirdly it was dolie who's name I pulled out of the hat. 
No messing about, all above board. 

If I had enough small stuff I would make up a packet for all of you - 

So I would like the 9 runners up
 to email me your address 
I want to send you a little chinese inspired decoration 
to go on your tree this year -
cos I love you all

Thanks for dropping by and come back soon for my October giveaway!


dolie said...

Wow, thanks Ingrid. Looking forward to getting down to my "family tree"

Ingrid said...

You are most welcome.
Thank you for reading my ideas.
I can't wait to see what you will add to your tree.
I x

Ingrid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maria said...

Congratulations dolie! And thank you Ingrid, this is so generous of you :-)

I will send you an email but my daughter is screaming "mamma" louder and louder as I write (she wants my attention, so it's nothing "serious") and I cannot concentrate on an email at the moment. And when on the subject - Christmas - she (my daughter) just said that the three boxes she put on top of each other is a Christmas tree ;-)

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