Sunday, 12 December 2010

Adventures with Griselda, a pig of distinction

I came to Copenhagen in search of Griselda.
(Gris is the Danish name for pig.)

The pig of my dreams was waiting for me in one of my favourite shops -
 H. Skjalm P. on Nikolaj Plads. 
Full to brimming with their own unique take on textiles, cookware and interior decorating, 
it was only my limiting suitcase allowance that stopped me from being tempted more.

With Griselda tucked underneath my arm 
and two fab friends, Linda and Gerd, at my side ...
we set off to explore the streets of Copenhagen. 

Malene Birger, the Queen of Copenhagen fashion, had a window display that caught our eye.
 It was the four white swans swimming ...
not the dresses, that had us entranced.
These elegant fowl were not for sale, so our menagerie stayed at one. 
But as soon as I am reunited with my sewing machine 
these are top of my list to create. 
Expect a flock by Christmas 2011.

Next stop: Marimekko - the concept store!
I would have loved to fill this cart with their beautiful fabrics, bed linen and tableware. 
Restraint is not my strongest quality ...
 but 2 beautiful tea towels were my limit.

In need of refreshment we took Griselda to Amokka in Gronnegade. 
Frothy, spicy hot Chai tea and nutty flapjacks were just what the doctor ordered. 
We could shop amok for gifts here but resisted the chocolate body paint this time 
and indulged in chocolate dipsticks, 
to create the ultimate hot chocolate drinks this Christmas.

After six hours strolling the streets, even we three shopaholics retail enthusiasts 
had to retreat to put our feet up. 

Griselda is ready for her next adventure.
We leave on Sunday for the UK.
Who said 'Pigs can't fly"?


linda said...

like the way you've given all the links to some great shops-very helpful to new visitors.griselda looks very happy!

Astrid said...

I'm a little goosie,
I'm a little pig,
I go Quack, Quack.

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