Thursday, 30 December 2010

One word for 2011

Image: Ingrid Duffy
Making 2011 my best year yet.
Inspired by Kim Klassen's post today and Beth's yesterday,
I started thinking what my word for 2011 should be.

I like the idea of choosing one word for the new year, instead of making many resolutions which become more of a burden and less of an inspiration. This is an opportunity to create resolutions but with many possibilities to make it more than you ever dreamt of on this cold late-December day. 
Why not pair your word with a photograph and make it something to catch your eye in your home, on your laptop or in your wallet?

My word is Organise

I need to bring order to the chaos muddle of many areas of my life.
For starters: 
~ Reducing my email inbox from today's 9505 messages
~ My iPhoto library- similarly out of control
~ My work room - which I left as a material maze of fabric, felt and fluff when I flew off for Christmas.
~ The book that I am writing 
~ A house move to plan and make happen!
~ Hundreds of metres of fabric to turn into beautiful products for the home
~ A dog to repatriate
~ This blog!

My photo of Canada geese flying overhead this week is just right for my form of organisation - not perfectly symmetrical but with definite direction. 

It really is clear that 2011 will be an amazing year if I just start to organise myself -- my thoughts, my things and my life.

I feel so excited I might just go and delete a 1000 emails right now.

Do share what your word will be for 2011 and in Kim's words
"Let's make 2011 the Best Year yet"
 I can't wait to see your words...


ID said...

A very inspiring post! I hope to help you on the journey and need to join you by finding a word of my own....

Astrid said...

What a lovely idea. I've been inspired to get my morning organised and find my own word!

jlconn said...

I couldn't choose just one word. I have four: Create, active, simple, accomplish. I have discovered Wordle - word clouds ( and have been playing around with them, having some creative fun. Thanks again for the inspiration.
Best wishes for the New Year!

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