Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Tall story - Nisse folk

You may have noticed some Nisse folk popping up in my photos.

Maybe these little red hatted fellows are new to you - 
if so I hope you will find time to invite one into your home this winter.
Our home wouldn't feel the same without a Nisse or two.

We love to have Nisse folk around, whether it is the large Advent girl who has presents for Alice or the little felt ones who pop up round the home. This Nisse girl is over 1 metre tall and arrives every year on December 1 with 24 presents for Alice, our daughter. Some fit in pockets and some presents are attached by strings! 

Nisse (Denmark and Norway) or Tomte (Sweden) were believed to help protect the farmer 
and his family from misfortune. 
In the 1840's they became the Julenisse (Christmas Nisse) 
and brought presents to the children on Christmas Eve. 
You need to keep on the right side of the Nisse, they are temperamental and easy to offend 
and can then make mischief about the house. 
With this in mind we keep up the tradition of leaving a bowl of rice pudding out
 for the Nisse and his family on Christmas Eve. Not wise to take chances!
(The bowl is always empty on Christmas morning.)
Learn more about Nisse folk here

Find more here

Some of my favourites can be bought online.  
Image: Maileg


Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

I love to learn about other countries traditions and folk, especially shuch beautiful things! Thank you.

jlconn said...

I got a double dose of Nisse this morning! Check out this post at Apartment Therapy

Have a wonderful holiday celebrating with family in England. Cheers!

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