Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas inspiration - Baroque meets modern

 Jette Froehlich is synonymous with Christmas in Denmark.
She has been delighting Danes for over twenty-five years with her Christmas displays.
I was lucky to be in Copenhagen for the last day of her annual December exhibition this year (first time in ten years).
Her breathtaking room layouts in a beautiful old, baroque manor house just north of Copenhagen are worth a trip if you can manage it next year. Sorry you're too late this year. The warmth and Jul tide atmosphere are infectious.
 Her designs are both simple and elegant and inspire me with nordic spirit. Whether is delicate white paper stars on a large circle of twiggy branches or an oversized, three-layered 'cake stand' in elegantly vintaged iron; the rooms display a blend of baroque and modern style which I am totally in love with.

The grey metal garland, pictured below, would be perfect to hang in my window.
Initially disappointed that the garlands were sold out - I was so happy when Jette herself, kindly snipped a display circle down for me to carry home with my other Danish treasures today. (I am praying for a friendly SAS check in attendant today, as my suitcases are slightly heavier than when I arrived two days ago)

I can't wait to lay out a white linen table cloth, 
add some lichened branches from the larch tree, 
light some candles 
and together with some of the small collectables I came away with today,
create my Christmas table look. 
Scandinavian baroque with a modern twist is just right for me.

To get more inspiration for this look try Tine K


linda said...

looks so like a fairytale-wonderful photos.

Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

I love them all!!!!

Megan said...

they are lovely indeed! one day... certainly not going to be this year though!

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