Saturday, 11 December 2010

Winter, Wonderful Copenhagen

Two fun packed days in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen for a cool two days.
The perfect place to breathe in some Christmas spirit.
Danes have a word for it -hyggelig. 
Unpronounceable until you have had a few sips of snaps, this word means cosy, snug, a warm feeling and togetherness.
Danes really embrace this time of year with infinite style and in the best possible taste.
You cannot fail to be caught up in the moment.
Get planning!
Nyhavn, 4pm!

Copenhagen, by day and night.


Jenni said...

I agree, there's no better place to be at this time of year, as your Nyhavn snapshot shows. Copenhagen and Christmas: it's the perfect combination

linda said...

great advert for wonderful wonderful copenhagen.
so glad i live here and have first hand experience.

Astrid said...

Looks amazing! What a lovely lay-over :) I can't wait to meet Miss Piggy.

Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful city!

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