Friday, 31 December 2010

Organising for 2011

Instead of deleting a thousand emails yesterday
I did something much more fun ...
 I created a pinboard on Pinterest to inspire me ... called "Organise".

Remember how I fell in love back in August?

Maybe now is the time for you to try collecting your online inspirations together
 in a beautiful visual method.

Why not create a board with your word of 2011 
and use it as a place to inspire 
and look back to 
when you need motivation later in the year?

Pinterest is a place to catalogue the things that you love.
Click here to request an invite.

Happy to help if you need more info.

See you next year ... it'll be here sooner than you think!


erika said...

Yesterday evening I spend a few hours making pinboards, so much fun, although I hought it was a little slow but perhaps that's my computer. I found out how to make the pinboards and repin. I also tryed ( several times)to add the pin button in the menu bar, but did not succeed. could you tell me how I can start pinning...because I really love it!

Ingrid said...

Hi erika
so glad you tried out Pinterest and love it.
All I had to do was drag the 'Pin it' button from the email I got from Pinterest up onto my bookmark bar.
I have a mac and I simply held down the touch pad and dragged the 'pin it' up onto my bar. If this still doesn't work I suggest you email Ben at He has always been very helpful with my questions. Hope this helps.
I x

PhotoPuddle said...

I love pinterest! Such a fantastic site of prettiness!!

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