Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bird is the Word

Week 6: Getting ready for Christmas

1. Birds from Drift Living
2. Robin - Anthropologie
3. Owls from Drift Living
4. Bullfinch peg - Drift Living

This is the time of year to feather the nest for winter.
I am thinking it would be nice to bring a few of our feathered friends inside to decorate the tree this Christmas.
How about using some to add life to your gift wrapping too ? A Bullfinch peg would work well as a tag holder on a parcel too.

Maybe you want to share some love by hanging up some feeders outside for  the birds in your neighbourhood like this domed beauty...
Image: RSPB


Anonymous said...

You're on to some winners with these super "dickies". Love the robin. But no canaries? Jenni

clare's craftroom said...

Gorgeous birds !

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