Monday, 29 November 2010

A Delicious Giveaway for you

I want to share a tasty Advent package today ~ to say "Thanks for joining me at my table".

The goody-pack includes a set of 8 gift cards- remember my Washi tape gift cards?
There are eight cards ready for you to use or add a little more to, a few pegs to attach them to a parcel, bakers twine and ribbon.
The delicious chocolate is for you to nibble on while you are wrapping your presents. If you need to remind yourself how good this chocolate is, see A Piece of Chocolate.

Then I thought why not add a little bit more...
No, not the Chinese medicine cabinet, but a string of Christmas bunting.

All you have to do to win this package is subscribe by email to this blog in the box below. (You need to subscribe even if you are a fabulous Google Follower to be eligible)

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Tomorrow I have a Bounteous Bunting post for you. 
Come back to learn how easy it is to create some festive flags for your home.


dolie said...

MMmmmm fingers crossed, but I know I won't be so lucky this time. If I win, I shall wrap the chocolate up and write myself a Washi gift tag, sit back, open my present, squeal with surprise, then devour it!

Ingrid said...

Well you stand a very good chance - so keep those fingers crossed.
Thanks for signing up and even more for the funniest comment.

Millygarden said...

Thanks for visist me and you nice i find you. You live in Bejing? Intresting!

Many Hugs Marina

Debbie said...

Would love to win the Chinese medicine chest if possible. You know we need another one in Huairou;-) But I will be equally delighted at the goodie bag too... Love from Phuket xx

Ingrid said...

Thanks Milly for visiting - yes beijing is very interesting - in more ways than one!
Debbie Your name will be in the hat - so happy to connect this way. Enjoy the warmth.
I x


The bunting is SO cute! I'm in :)
Hugs, Nina

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