Sunday, 28 November 2010

I wanna Pfefferkuchen .....

Looking to spice up your wintry weekend?
I have just the thing for you ~
 a delicious recipe for Lebkuchen or as I love to call them Pfefferkuchen.

I first came across these deliciously aromatic Christmas cookies
 as a teenager, in German class, at school. 
I loved the taste and I loved the name  -- Pfeffffferkuuchen
The more "ffff's" you emphasised and the longer the "uu's"...
 the better it seemed to me.
 I digress, back to baking.
 Ten days ago I discovered Cathie's beautiful blog m.e.
As soon as your mouse scans the page , tiny  ++++'s fall from the words. 
It was bloglove at first sight. 
Her blogpost that day happened to be on Lebkuchen
My eyes lit up gazing at Cathie's beautiful photographs 
and her clear recipe description, made it easy to follow. 
Images: m.e

If I lived a bit nearer to Melbourne I would be signing up for her Christmas cookie workshop. 
Instead we are doing a little baking in Beijing today - photos may follow!
Want to know more about Lebkuchen and Pfefferkuchen history? 
Go here and there.


If you want to start December in a sweet way, why not also take a look at Lottie and Doof's blog. 
They have twelve days of cookie recipes - more than enough to keep us busy baking a batch or two.

 Finally, please indulge me ...
listen to the Japanese group An' Cafe.

One minute that will have you singing 'I wanna a Pfefferkuchen' too.

I wanna a Pfefferkuchen: Miku X Bou

Don't you love it?

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Anonymous said...

One of your best...and the video's great too! Jenni

jlconn said...

Fun video! I've always made pepparkakor not Pferrerkuchen: now I can't decide which is more fun to say: I'll make both!

dolie said...

Those are great photos on her blog aren't they. Cheated and bought a pack from Aldi in Christmas shapes but your blog has now inspired me to not be lazy and make my own. Shall use them as place setting when the girls come to lunch and they get their gifts of bread baskets and bunting!

m.e (Cathie) said...

Hi Ingrid,
thank you soo very much for the sweet words & such a wonderful post.
soo glad to have discovered your wonderful blog full of amazing crafts & posts.
will definitely be back for more!

Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

These Lebkuchen are so beautiful! They look very similar to Belgian and Dutch speculoos, which are usually cooked fot St. Nicholas day. I did them yesterday!. And posted the recipe in my blog if you want to compare (slightly different from lebkuchen.

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