Friday, 5 November 2010

Four fuzzy felt fabrications for you

It's been a bit of a woolly week at my table! Hope you will find something to warm yourself with here - apologies to friends south of the equator, who may be happy to leave winter behind.

1. I love the simple little projects that take just a ball of wool and very little effort to make. So this felted bowl should be whipped up in no time. Pop over to design*sponge for instructions to get you started.

2. Felt hearts hanging in a window can brighten even a dull day. Using all red hearts would make it feel like christmas everyday! You could cut the shapes from felt and sew through them in long lines to make them today.

3. Even a simple pear looks more tasty perched on this pretty placemat. Felt is the perfect material for table mats, super heat absorbent but adding real texture to your table. These turquoise beauties from Canvas, are hand felted in Nepal. Maybe not perfect for messy eaters as they are not washable, but easy to surface clean for those of us who keep most of our dinner on our plate.

4. If you've got itchy fingers now, why not find a sheep/ get some wool and choose a good book to guide you. I'll be getting stuck in as soon as I am back in Beijing with some Moroccan wool which has been waiting years to come out of the box. I see a felt bowl or two in my future. Give me a week and I'll be back with something to show you.


Anonymous said...

I love #3, the round felted placemat. Alas, I have a great big messy eater in my household so these might have to wait until felt is out of fashion again.

Mayda Villar (Cuatro en la Carretera) said...

I love No. 2!!! Beautiful colorful hearts...

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