Monday, 8 November 2010

A new chapter on this blog

Love books, love reading, now love reading about books on blogs.

Images from these book blogs: 

Yesterday was one of those blog light-bulb days -- I discovered a whole new part of the blog world that I had previously missed while I was immersed in interior decorating blogs!  All of these amazing blogs about books, authors and printing are now just a click away.

If you have a minute, do try dropping in on a few blogs from my list. Maybe you are waiting for the light to be switched on, too? If so, you may be excited to know that from today there is a new super resource added to The Fable of the Table, in the right sidebar. Check out the list of great blogs here and you'll find you can lose yourself in Jane Austen, J.G. Ballard or even get tips on your own writing... yes, I put that one there especially for me!

Start with Spine Out, the eclectic blog of Vintage and Anchor Books' Art Director, John Gall. His post about all the dog books he has acquired since he became a pet owner showcased a range of witty and wonderful vintage book covers. Non Such is a blog with a wide selection of reviews and book group readings. His recent post about Tobias Wolff gave great insight into one of my favourite authors. 52 Books is the amusing blog of Laura, who plans to read as many books as her blog suggests... on her daily NYC subway journeys! And if you're seeking reviews of contemporary fiction, take a look at Reading Matters. I like Kim's style and choice of books. After reading her review, The House of the Slamming Doors is now in my shopping cart -- it sounds just right for a Christmas gift, as well as for me!

See my list as an online library of sorts, and check back often. If you feel like going an extra step, please send me a comment and tell me your thoughts on books and authors, life in general, or even just the weather!


Anonymous said...

Ah, now you're talking! The House of Slamming Doors looks like a goodie..and its 208 page-length, plus good write-ups on Amazon, make it very enticing! As for knock-outs, you can't beat the likes of Willa Cathar! Can't think why it's taken decades to discover this gem of a writer. Look forward to more suggestions. Jenni

Frau S said...

I love Willa Cather as well. These blogs are all new to me. Thanks for sharing them!

kimbofo said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. I've been blogging about books for almost 10 years now - when I first started there were only a handful of us doing it. Now, every second person seems to have a book blog! The more the merrier, I say.

Astrid said...

Looking forward to reading all about the books you discover. It looks like Miss Willa will have to make an appearance!

Ingrid said...

Thanks for all the positive comments and hope you will enjoy clicking through the book links on the page. I must put Willa Cather on my reading list.
I x

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