Friday, 19 November 2010

Another Tree for the Wall

Image: Maree Homer via Sunday Collector

Take a look at Sunday Collector's inspiring post today.
She has been styling a wall tree made of 'found objects' too. Hers uses a larger white board which can rest on the floor and really add atmosphere to a room, without dropping one single pine needle!
I think she must have glued or double taped her eclectic collection, rather than use pins like me.
A great reason to not throw anything small out -- until you have created your own eclectic tree. I can see a tape dispenser, old envelope and tags, the only thing more to add could be a photo or two to make it personal.
Have fun this weekend and I will be back with another great version of a 'found object' tree tomorrow.


sunday collector said...

You are right, I used heavy duty glue and left it over night.
Love your version of the found tree too! So true, such a good reason to not throw anything small out. Love 'upcycling'!! Jane's tree is beautiful...such detail!

Astrid said...

I love it! There were quite a few things that didn't make the cut for my tree as they were too big... perhaps next year's tree will be like this one, and feature all of them!

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