Wednesday, 3 November 2010

5 Purls of wisdom

Temperatures are dropping now - time to get out the knitting needles.

1. I fell in love with some soft, chunky wool in the local Texas knitting shop and started on an easy scarf with a neat twist. 
Viking wool, supersoft and machine washable. 
Colour: 'Norwegian summer' (that is summer in Norway?!) 
My pattern is simple, see here for how to do it. 
Image and knitting: Ingrid. Wool: Viking. Wearer: to be decided

More ideas, some less work than others!

2. No need to knit when you can sit back and relax with a nice cuppa in this cable knit tea cup from Anthropologie.

3. Woolly jars will make your shelves look cosy too. A DIY idea by leigh radford, in her new book One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit

4. Just want the look without the work? How about knitting by candle light. The flame flickers to highlight the ceramic stitches of these beautiful vessels from Yoyo ceramics.

5. No knitting required to make this felted basket. Just find an old sweater and with some simple instructions at we will soon have one to use for wool, toys, gloves etc.
      Hope you feel a little warmer having read this post. I'd love to hear what you're knitting up.


      Anonymous said...

      Some gorgeous ideas here! Love the new knitting project. Keep clicking! Jenni

      Beth Nicholls said...

      I can't knit but you have made me want to start with this gorgeous post!

      Kate said...

      I'm knitting a test knit dress, a cardi for me and a toy for a soon to be born baby. Your yarn looks gorgeous and will make a divine scarf. Its getting warmer here on the other side of the world but something tells me I am too adicted to stop.

      Ingrid said...

      So glad you like the wool. Yes knitting can be addictive can't it. I am hoping to finish the scarf by the weekend!
      I x

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